Exclusive design

224 unique handmade digital art pieces based on original oil paintings and 14 NFTs representing the original paintings.

Commercial rights

The owners of the Kiki and Mozart NFTs have exclusive commercial rights to the respective NFTs. This license is embedded in the NFTs.

Solana ecosystem

The Kiki and Mozart collection resides in Solana ecosystem. It is fast, cheap, decentralized, and we just LOVE it! 

Social impact

10% of all primary sales will be donated to the City of Goodness, a support center for women and children. 

Our Vision

We explore new opportunities to adapt traditional art to the exciting world of NFTs.

What if we combine the brush strokes of oil paintings with the fabulous colors of digital art? 

Let’s explore together!

Our Roadmap


Dropping Kiki and Mozart collection. – Minting Kiki and Mozart on Solana blockchain via Solsea to ensure embedding commercial license in NFTs.


Storytelling – Each character comes with a short description embedded in the blockchain. We’ll be continuously building characters of the Kiki and Mozart collection by telling more stories with the help of our community. 


Entering physical world – After we sell off, we’ll be randomly sending signed prints to the NFT holders. Moreover, every NFT owner will be able to unlock a super high resolution 3200×4200 version of their NFT and print it themselves.


Customizing experience – We plan to upgrade the website so that Kiki and Mozart NFT holders could create customized banners and profile pictures, and also see who their fellow NFT holders are.


Launching Kiki and Mozart Gen Z collection – 10% of the new collection will be randomly airdropped to the owners of the Kiki and Mozart NFTs.

Our team

We are a small family team.
Well, our family is not that small as we have three awesome boys aged 5, 4, and 1 who have been motivating and inspiring us – and, obviously, helping with the pet names.

Myko Koidan

Creator and Artist

Myko used to be a traditional artist, creating beautiful portraits with oil on canvas, inspired by Old Masters and contemporary artists. But then he got excited about NFTs and now he is developing as a digital artist.

Kate Koidan

Author and Promoter

Kate is a research analyst. While researching and analyzing, she realized that crypto and NFTs are changing the world, and here she is – launching her first NFT project.